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Bo Diddley : the indispensable : 1955-1960

Disque compact

Bo Diddley : the indispensable : 1955-1960

Type de document : Disque Compact

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Editeur : Frémeaux & Associés. Vincennes
Année de publication : 2012
Contient: I'm a man
Little girl
Bo Diddley
You don't love me (You don't care)
Diddley daddy
She's fine, she's mine, No no no
Pretty thing
Heart-o-matic love
Bring it to Jerome
Spanish guitar
Dancing girl
Diddy wah diddy
I'm looking for a woman
I'm bad
Who do you love
Cops and robbers
Downhome special
Hey Bo Diddley
I need you baby (Mona)
Ed Sullivan and Dr. Jive introduction
Bo Diddley (live)
Say boss man
Before you accuse me
Say man
Hush your mouth
Bo's guitar
Dearest darling
Willie and Lillie
Bo meets the monster
Crackin' up
Don't let it go
I'm sorry
Oh yea
Blues, blues
The Great grandfather
Mama mia
Lazy woman
Come on baby
Nursery rhyme (Puttentang)
Mumblin' guitar
I love you so
Story of Bo Diddley
She's alright
Say man, back again
Run Diddley daddy
Road runner
Spend my life with you
Love you baby
Look at me baby
You know I love you
Let me in
Signifying blues
Live my life
Scuttle bug
Love me
Deed and deed I do
Walkin' and talking
Travelin' west

Numéro du document : FA5376 (Frémeaux & Associés)

Description physique : 3 disques compacts+ 1 brochure (24 p. : ill.)

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Sections : Musique

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