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Wood flute songs : anthology live 2006-2012

Disque compact

Wood flute songs : anthology live 2006-2012

Type de document : Disque Compact

Auteur :

Editeur : Aum Fidelity
Année de publication : 2013
Contient: Tears for children of Rwanda
Petit oiseau
Groove #7
Hopi spirits
Wood flute song
Alphaville ; Daughter's joy ; The Golden bell
Malachi's mode
Broken roofs ; Green paper
Hamid's groove ; Daughter's joy
Corn meal dance
O'Neal's porch
Red desert
Ojibway song
Sunrise in the tone world
The Square sun
Ascent of the big spirit
Daughter's joy
Gilmore's hat
Deep flower ; Ascent of the big spirit
Psalm of Billy Bang
All I want
Earth in pain
Deep flower
3 + 3
My name is peace
Late man of this planet
For Abbey Lincoln
Boom boom bang bang
Sweet breeze
Aquixo waiting at dark corridor
Falling promise
Slipping into the light
Shadows arms waving
Theme for rondo hattan
Great spirit

Numéro du document : AUM080 (Aum Fidelity)

Description physique : 8 disques compacts+ 1 brochure (22 p. ; ill.)

Sections : Musique

Autre(s) information(s): Coffret cartonné

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